Dear Beloved

As antidote to the metaphorical whiplash of traveling between Wickford and Falmouth each week, which includes the “travel” of moving into and out of the state of Grace more frequently than I’m accustomed to moving, I’m reading the physicist Carlo Rovelli’s little-big treasure Seven Brief Lessons on Physics. I feel great relief “going cosmic” during all the movement at ground plane; I feel better able to situate myself and our community during this emotional time.

The book is brilliant in its simple treatment of complex theories, making it easy for me to understand the basics of quantum physics. And it’s bolstering to be reminded of our interconnectedness through the theory of general relativity. The book is a balm for this time of change.


Students continue to enter Grace in a state of shock: “You’re closing?” And each time I feel the depth of that statement anew. My good friend Kathy, an analyst, recommends that when there is mourning to be done, mourn. “Otherwise, neuroses arise.” I agree with her. I welcome the tears at Grace – your tears, my tears – as much as I welcome the daily expressions of sympathetic joy: “I am so happy for you!”

All this to say: Bring it on. Bring your whole self into Grace these last few weeks we are open. Let’s practice together in this familiar and deeply intimate way, while we can.


Last day of classes is Sunday, November 19. This is also the final day of teacher training. In addition to the two morning classes, I will lead a kirtan and meditation session that afternoon, from 3-5pm. Please come.

Class Schedule in November. Classes whittle down, now, and the distillation in number has nothing to do with the potency of the remaining classes. There is great clarity and energy. I am in RI teaching Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays. No classes Thursdays in November. Sue teaches Friday evenings and Saturday mornings. Eliza teaches the two Sunday morning classes on October 29 and November 5. I will teach the Sunday morning classes November 12 and 19.


Plan B.

Many friends have passed through the Grace training program, and I hope you avail yourself of these wonderful teachers this winter. You may find them teaching at the Y programs in North and South Kingstown; at the local libraries; and at URI. I hope you find your friends and get together to practice in someone’s home. Reach out. Ask other students about their own Plan B.

My sisters-in-the-divine Jiavanna Skolnik and Kyle McDonald have recently moved the Ananda community to NK and hold hatha yoga and meditation classes throughout the week. Ananda followers celebrate the teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda (The Autobiography of a Yogi; the movie Awake!). The beautiful new center is located on Ten Rod Road, diagonally opposite Mackay’s Front Porch.

I hope that over the years you have been inspired to bring Grace into your own home, both by way of physical practice and space management. I mean: do you have an altar of your own? Can you find a place in your house for Kwan Yin? Do you sing mantra as you prepare a meal for friends? Do you play sacred music in your home? Is your home a peaceful, lovely place to live? The Grace Endeavor began as a way to share a lifestyle with others; to share Yoga not as something to do but something to be. Is there a place in your home that summons your inner stillness? Are you living a life of yoga?

My own Plan B:

Bija and I acclimate to life in Falmouth and we are looking forward to living with Howard in a beautiful house on the water in Woods Hole by next year. The house is spacious, with a tower. In that tower I plan to complete the book I’ve begun and dream up others. I plan to continue sharing thoughts on yoga through a blog. And I intend to let this voice carry through podcasts and occasional workshops on the Cape. In other words, the teachings will continue.

Voices carry. If you’d like to continue our relationship I promise to make myself available to you through email and phone correspondence. I promise to hold myself relative to you, to continue our conversation on what it means to be human and mindful and intimate with Self. You may also of course unsubscribe from this conversation at any time.

So much gratitude, love, and joy for you.

Your Friend in Yoga,


Judy McClain